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September 23, 2016

Learn with us!

In case you missed it //
Did you miss out on our Together Workshop on Commercial Filmmaking? It’s now available to stream from Vimeo OnDemand

Commercial Filmmaking Workshop with The Delivery Men & Stillmotion
The Together Workshop is a commercial filmmaking seminar put on by our friends over at Story and Heart The workshop features both The Delivery Men team and Patrick from Still Motion

The Delivery Men covered the following //
– How to budget projects and assemble the right crew for each job
– Comprehensive breakdown of two recent projects showing you how we went from pitch to final film
– Hands-on lighting challenge
– Ask Us Anything Q&A session
Purchasing the workshop on demand includes presenter slides and private Facebook group! Check it out HERE!

On Set with Joe Simon & The Delivery Men

During the production of our recent short film LOW TIDE, our friends at Story & Heart joined us to create the ultimate behind the scenes course in narrative short filmmaking. Join us for the entire ride, pre-production through post as we go through the process together. Joining the Academy of Storytellers gets you access to our series and tons of other amazing filmmaking tutorials from S&H!

Visit lowtidefilmbts.com for trailer and more details on the Academy!

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