The Valley of Fire – Aerial Perspective

April 10, 2014

We’ve been doing quite a bit of aerial filming over the past 9 months and we love what this  new perspective is doing for our work. I’ve (Joe) have been flying single rotor helicopters for about 4 years, but in August I purchased my first multicopter the DJI Phantom. Since then we have upgraded to the much bigger brother, the DJI S800 Evo and this thing is awesome! We are currently flying the Panasonic GH3 but as soon as the GH4 comes out it will replace the GH3.

While out at NAB this April for the annual video conference I decided to bring the S800 Evo along to do some aerial filming. I was recommend The Valley of Fire by a few people and decided I should check it out, and boy I’m glad I did. This place is breathtaking and only 1 hour outside of Las Vegas. It has lots of different colored rock formations and mountains which makes for amazing contrast and colors. I was also lucky enough to catch an amazing sunset with beautiful clouds, it was a mesmerizing view and the colors were just unbelievable!

The DJI S800 Evo is a really great setup, I filmed for two days out in The Valley of Fire one of which the winds were 20mph and from the footage you can’t even tell. Super stable flights and the gimbal does an amazing job of keeping the camera perfectly smooth. There’s no post stabilizing in this video which is CRAZY! Coming from my past copters I’ve always had to use Warp Stabilizer in Premiere CC. So really in love this this setup.

Check out the short film below and scroll down for more technical details –

Music – – “This Moment” by Pistol Shrimp 

Technical Details –

Shot on the DJI S800 EVO
DJI A2 Flight controller
Zenmuse Z15-GH3 3 Axis Gimbal
Panasonic GH3


Edited – Premiere CC
Color Grade – DaVinci Resolve 10


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you’re editing in Premiere cc

how you doing to send the project pro Davince

and how are you doing to return corrected pro premierecc

I’m not managing to do it


Yes, Premiere CC. You export a FCP XML from the premiere timeline then import that into DaVinci. I import back in the final video file into the timeline.


AMAZING STUFF!!!! I love it


Rocking it as always Joe -LOVE IT!!…..need this in TCI!


It’s awesome!


Fantastic footage Joe! just unreal!! Are you using anything to monitor your footage during flight?


Yes, we have the DJI downlink to two monitors so we can see everything we’re doing. You HAVE to have a downlink so you can frame properly.


Amazing video! Incredibly smooth considering there was no stabilization program used. What lens are you using on your GH3?



Using a Olympus 12mm lens.


Have you experienced any problems with current FAA regulations with your work? How do you get around their policy which clearly states drones can’t be used for commercial business? I’m curious as I’m new to drones and I’m looking to hone my skills over the summer. If have any insight or could guide me into some proper reading I’d be much obliged.

Awesome work as always. Especially that Oakley spot. So sick.


Yes. A supreme court judge recently ruled that the FAA can’t regulate rc copters until 2015 when they release there new laws. So for now things are up in the air.


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