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Chase Hawk // Oakley

Jun 04 2014

Chase Hawk is one of the few pro BMXers to come out of Austin, Texas. Renowned for his style and his vast trick list across various riding disciplines, he’s established himself as one of the premier talents in the sport.

Chase Hawk // Oakley

Jun 04 2014

Chase Hawk and I have known each other for a long time but we haven’t had many opportunities to work together, so when the chance came up to make a short film for Oakley I was stoked! I’ve made quite a few BMX films, it’s where I started my filmmaking career so it’s something I love doing!

Panasonic GH4 “Budapest Cityscape” Film

May 02 2014

My friends at Texas Media Systems received their Panasonic GH4 shipment the day before I left for my trip to Budapest, Hungary, it just happened to be perfect timing. I was also lucky enough to have a few extra days before my workshop so I knew I would be able to do some testing.

Making DAY 3 (Part 2) – Principle Photography

Aug 06 2013

In case you missed it in Part 1, Day 3 is a character driven piece that happens to be set months after the zombie apocalypse. The majority of the film takes place in one interrogation room. There are five actors present, which means we have to light for all of them and their anticipated blocking.

Doing Austin SXSW 2013

Mar 08 2013

Last week our friends at Lens Pro To Go sent us a new camera to play with and we thought what better way to test it out then by making a fun [and ridiculous] video. SXSW is starting today and we decided to make a montage of some of our favorite things to do here in Austin.

Jumpshot Case Study

Feb 13 2013

Although the use of comedy in commercials can be extremely effective, it’s usually more difficult to pull off than you might think. When Dave Endler and Pedram Amini approached us to create a kickass film for the launch of their new company Jumpshot, we knew right off the bat that the fastest way to engage people would be with humor.

Rio De Janeiro

Jan 30 2013

This summer I had the chance to travel to Brazil and teach a workshop in Sao Paulo. While there I decided to travel down to Rio De Janeiro for a little vacation as well as to do some personal filming. I love filming time-lapses, so while sightseeing I set up a few of them.