Miller Solo DV10 Tripod

September 14, 2015
Gina Gatto

We recently had the chance to test out the Miller Solo DV10 tripod, B & H Photo and Video sent us the carbon tripod kit to take on a two week trip to Europe. We were in need of a tripod with a solid fluid head that could handle the Sony FS7 but light enough to carry around each day the 1-5 miles we would be walking. The first thing I noticed was the great build quality of this system, we immediately fell in love with this setup.

Miller-2 (1)

The Carbon sticks are great, the way that you adjust the legs with the concentric leg angle and twist locks makes it really fast and easy to adjust, as well for travel I found them to be a lot more sturdy vs. the normal lever adjusters that most tripod legs use. You can also get this tripod very low to the ground with only a quick few adjustments.


The fluid head is really great, now this is a mid level system so you don’t have the fine tune adjustment that you would find on say a Miller Compass 20 head but it did have good drag control with the adjustments available. The head itself was very smooth, it enabled us to capture smooth pan and tilt shots as well as some really cool tracking shots. There were a few times when I was on the Canon 70-200 lens and I was tracking birds and I was able to track with them flawlessly. Although this type of shooting takes practice the right tripod is essential and I found that this was great for a light setup.

Miller-1 (1)

The Sony FS7 we were using was just under 10lbs which is the limit of this tripod, I found that at this weight the counterbalance function did not work very well. Maybe the weight was just too much for this to work properly, but the head (counter balance setting) could not handle the FS7’s weight as configured. That was really the only downside to the tripod that we experienced, everything else worked perfectly and for weight vs. performance this is the best tripod we have used. We also own a Sactler setup but found the Miller to be both lighter and more compact for traveling. I would definitely recommend this tripod kit if you need light weight but a solid system that can travel well and give you great shots. If you are more local based and don’t travel much I would go for the next size up head matched with these sticks.


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