LOW TIDE // The first in a series of reflections

August 18, 2016
Gina Gatto

Rarely is it ever going to feel like you have all the time you need for a personal passion project. Production life can get hectic. Case in point, it took us over a month after the release of our first short film to get this blog post up! Finding the glimmer of an opening in your schedule is what it takes and you’ve just got to go for it. That’s what we did with our first narrative short film, LOW TIDE, check out the trailer if you haven’t already and then let’s talk about it!


LOW TIDE was born after probably a year of internal discussions over getting a personal project on the calendar. It was on the gentle and lovingly forceful suggestion of Joe’s wife, Katie, that we packed up after SXSW blew out of town and headed to the chilly confines of the Pacific Northwest to craft a story on location in the off-season beach town of Seaside, Oregon.

We arrived with a place to stay, two distinctly different seeds for our story and three days to mine locations and hone the narrative so we could return to Austin with a clear path to make our short film happen.

Over the next month and a half following our scouting trip to Seaside we planned for production as meticulously as we could. Hussain wrote the script, we scheduled, we secured locations, we shot-listed, we assembled a Portland-centric crew, we planned out gear needs, we drafted up lighting diagrams, we worked with a casting director to find our two crucial actors to bring Frank and Natalie to life, we propped out what we could from Austin and visualized the props we’d have precious little time to secure in Oregon when we arrived for production. To use a word we love to overuse, we did an aggressive amount of pre-production work, all to ensure that the things we could handle up front were well taken care of before getting on set.

From the very first meeting for LOW TIDE, we knew that bringing people on the filmmaking journey with us was a priority, enter our amazing friends at Story & Heart!  They were with us through every step of the process from pre-production through post and are bringing you an in depth BTS course in narrative filmmaking through their Academy of Storytellers platform. Sometimes it felt a little bit like being on The Real World, minus the confessional booth.

We spent a little under a week in Seaside finalizing preparations, filming the short and being filmed ourselves. It was an amazing experience working with the cast, crew and BTS team, watching our film come together on location in Seaside. We’ve got lots more to say about the inspiration, the process and gear we chose, but for now we’ll leave you with the film.

starring   JACOB ORR and JOY FLATZ




produced by GINA GATTO

executive producers THE DELIVERY MEN and STORY & HEART


director of photography JOE SIMON

Oh and also here’s a preview of the Story & Heart course On Set with Joe Simon and The Delivery Men

If you’re an Academy of Storytellers member what are you waiting for? Go check out the whole course! If you’re not an Academy member Story & Heart has made the first 8 minutes of the tutorial The Spark of a Story available to watch here for free:
The Spark of a Story (Free On Set with The Delivery Men Content) 

Have any burning questions about LOW TIDE? Let us know in the comments. And let’s keep the twists twisty for everyone so, no spoilers please. Someday we might talk about them, someday…

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