Jumpshot Case Study

February 13, 2013

Although the use of comedy in commercials can be extremely effective, it’s usually more difficult to pull off than you might think. When Dave Endler and Pedram Amini approached us to create a kickass film for the launch of their new company Jumpshot, we knew right off the bat that the fastest way to engage people in something like this would be through humor. Jumpshot provides PC software that comes pre-loaded on USB sticks —  when you put them in your PC it cleans off junk-ware, destroys viruses, and speeds up overall performance.

Of course, another challenge in comedy is hopefully doing something different and unique — and not just ripping off an older successful idea. We started brainstorming for story concepts — something that would get laughs and keep the attention of the kickstarter viewers, but at the same time giving them all the information they needed.

Dave and Pedram joked (but were also very serious) that Jumpshot was designed so that their friends and family would leave them alone when it came to tech support. Going the mockumentary route, we created a disorder that they suffered from where they are completely addicted to fixing other peoples computers. This was our hook.  Anyone that is a computer geek knows that this the polar opposite of reality. Friends and family will constantly calling and asking you to trouble shoot their computer issues — it will drive you insane.

We wrote the script, cast the additional actors(The Jumpshot founders played themselves), and scheduled the video production in Austin, TX. This was a two day shoot with a four person crew. We hate wasting time and by working with a smaller crew, everybody knows what’s going on — we are generally able to move a lot faster and deliver on time.

We had an awesome time working with Dave and Pedram. They are truly funny guys and the energy on set with them around was always a ton of fun. They could not get enough of the rented bear costume. The bear (originally a one-note gag) in the film actually ended up being a big part of their kick starter campaign, so much so the ended up buying the bear suit!

Overall, Jumpshot was a great experience working with a locally based startup. The collaboration between us and the founders was fluid, fun, and super productive. The energy present at the time of filming was felt by everyone, and that’s when you really know something’s hitting in the right way.

See the Kickstarter Campaign

Director/DP – Joe Simon
Writer/Producer – Hussain Pirani
Makeup – Adrianne Lashley, Amber Shastid
Interview sound – Nick Smith
PA – Brent Pierce
Actors –
Dave – Dave Endler
Pedram – Pedram Amini
Lisa – Jennifer Brown
Richard – Richard Dodwell


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