“FRAGMENTS” A Short Film

March 2, 2015
Gina Gatto

Canon Camera approached us about making a film to promote their new camera the EOS C100 Mark II. We’ve been using the C100’s in our arsenal for quite some time and love the camera, so we were excited to work with them to come up with a really cool idea.

So The Delivery Men were off to create a concept that would put the C100 though many environments – low light and high ISOs, slow-motion, auto focus tracking etc. It was a fasted paced two weeks in preproduction to get everything ready for the shoot. I’m so proud of our team for what we were able to create in such a short time. Check it out below.

Check out the making of the film here in this behind the scenes video.

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C100 Mark II rules. Very nice colors , bravo.


Couple looks like very sparking like a real spark, thanks for share such good video.


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