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Film Budget & Agency Pitch Templates

Feb 02 2017

Get excited filmmaker friends! Our Film Pre-production Bundle features templates for Film Budgeting & Agency/Client Pitches that we use in-house here at The Delivery Men.

Upcoming Workshops!!

Sep 23 2016

Learn with us! In case you missed it // Did you miss out on our Together Workshop on Commercial Filmmaking? It’s now…

Miller Solo DV10 Tripod

Sep 14 2015

We recently had the chance to test out the Miller Solo DV10 tripod, B & H Photo and Video sent us the carbon tripod kit to take on a two week trip to Europe. We were in need of a tripod with a solid fluid head that could handle the Sony FS7 but light enough to carry around each day the 1-5 miles we would be walking.

Sony FS7

Dec 04 2014

We’ve been using the Canon Cinema EOS cameras for a few years now and have had both the C300 and C100 since the time they were released. Although we do shoot with RED and other cameras when the job calls for it (camera bodies are just tools for the right job) we like to use our in-house cameras that we know inside and out for most of our work.

Freefly MOVI

Sep 02 2014

Here is a behind the scenes look at how we use the MOVI 10 in our work here at The Delivery Men. We’ve been using it for the past 6 months on most of our projects. We’ll be talking how we use it, configurations and how it’s really changed the way we shoot our projects.

Datacolor Spyder

Jul 23 2014

Color grading is one of my favorite things to do in post production. Being able to create a unique visual look for each project is awesome but something I’ve always struggled with was know weather or not what I was seeing on my monitor was really accurate.

Chase Hawk // Oakley

Jun 04 2014

Chase Hawk and I have known each other for a long time but we haven’t had many opportunities to work together, so when the chance came up to make a short film for Oakley I was stoked! I’ve made quite a few BMX films, it’s where I started my filmmaking career so it’s something I love doing!

Panasonic GH4 “Budapest Cityscape” Film

May 02 2014

My friends at Texas Media Systems received their Panasonic GH4 shipment the day before I left for my trip to Budapest, Hungary, it just happened to be perfect timing. I was also lucky enough to have a few extra days before my workshop so I knew I would be able to do some testing.

Making DAY 3 (Part 3) – Post Production

Aug 27 2013

For the perfectionists/control-freaks out there, you’re going to have to make a decision at some point during your creation process and acknowledge something just as I did. I’m too close to the material. Too close to edit this thing myself.

Making DAY 3 (Part 2) – Principle Photography

Aug 06 2013

In case you missed it in Part 1, Day 3 is a character driven piece that happens to be set months after the zombie apocalypse. The majority of the film takes place in one interrogation room. There are five actors present, which means we have to light for all of them and their anticipated blocking.

MAKING DAY 3 – (Part 1) — Preproduction

Aug 02 2013

Having recently locked picture on a short film, Joe and I would like to share some of the experience with you. For the sake of chronology and organization, we’re breaking it down into three parts starting with preproduction.

Creative Mornings Intro

Jun 01 2013

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creatives, they have meetings that take place around the world and just recently added Austin to that list. It’s really inspiring to hear local creatives speak about their experiences and network with other like minded people.

FCPX vs. Premiere CS6

Feb 26 2013

I know this debate has been hashed out over and over again….. And I really think that an editing system is a story cutting tool, there is no right or wrong. It comes down to what your needs are and what you are comfortable with. There isn’t one magic editor to “rule them all”.