Datacolor Spyder

July 23, 2014


Color grading is one of my favorite things to do in post production. Being able to create a unique visual look for each project is awesome but something I’ve always struggled with was know weather or not what I was seeing on my monitor was really accurate. Being able to properly calibrate your monitors is super important and with the Spyder 4 Elite I was able to match all my studio monitors so I know that every station is seeing the same results. I also do a lot of traveling so being able to calibrate and match my MacBook Pro is also super important!


The system is pretty simple to use, you install the program plug it into your USB and follow the instructions. Another really cool thing is that it measures the ambient light around your monitor, this is huge because different environments will reflect light and colors that can effect your grading results. I’ve been testing out the Spyder 4 Elite for a few months now and it has worked great, we re-calebrate once a month to keep the monitors accurate. I’m loving this tool and can’t believe that I was grading without this before.



Another cool tool that came with the Datacolor kit was the Spyder Checkr, I don’t use color charts too often for my work but with the release of Davinci Resolve 11 and Color Match I think this will really come in handy for color balancing scenes. I haven’t had a chance to use it on a actual shoot yet, but in testing it seems like it could be a fast time saver for balancing colors between shots. You can see in the screen shots below how you apply the chart outline over the Datacolor chart in the video and just click “match”.




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