Joe Simon // Director & DP

Joe Simon is a filmmaker, adventurer, and a lover of all animals. Joe first discovered his passion for filmmaking as a way to promote his first career in the BMX world, and in 2000, he created his first production company to pursue his newfound love of storytelling though film. An enthusiast of anything on wheels, bicycles remain a hobby and a favorite subject to shoot.

Over the past 15 years, Joe has traveled the world creating stories across a wide array of genres, including extreme sports, indie films, music videos and documentaries. Joe isn’t afraid of a challenge, and is always excited to push new boundaries to get the best shot to tell his clients’ stories, whether atop an Elephant in India or hanging off the side of a ship on the Rhine River. Joe’s passion for storytelling, persistence and dedication to the craft is what pushes The Delivery Men to continue to create amazing films.

Likes – Bikes, Cats, Topo Chico, Mexican Food, Sour Candy, Hendrix Gin

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Hussain Pirani // Director, Editor & Writer

Labeled “right brained” from an early age, writing and drawing came naturally to Hussain — To tell a story in any capacity was the driving force, and it wasn’t long before he picked up a camera to explore possibilities from behind a lens. After graduating from the University of Texas in 2007, he soon connected with Joe Simon and the two have been creative collaborators ever since.

Hussain is a driven filmmaker with a gift for narrative structure and a resolute fascination with the human condition. His empathy, sense of adventure, and connection to humanity invokes a unique stamp on his writing as well as his commercial work. As storytelling within advertising gains traction, his interest in people and ability to strike emotional connections with viewers is a refreshing and valuable energy within The Delivery Men. Understanding that story is paramount, he writes, directs, produces, and edits — implementing that philosophy on every level of his work.

Likes – Fat Animals, People-Watching, Coffee Ice-cream, Puns & Babies that don’t scream on airplanes

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Gina Gatto // Producer

As you may have noticed, Gina is a woman among The Delivery Men. In 2014, Gina relocated to Austin from New York City bringing with her a background in accounting, project management and improvisational comedy, you know, the three things you commonly find bundled together. As fate would have it, her determination to break out of the mold of her corporate accounting career and dive into the world of film production led her to a meeting with Joe Simon, and now here we all are reading this part of this paragraph.

She has a great appreciation for stories well told and loves collaborating with clients and working on campaigns that bring a fresh narrative voice to their brand. Gina enjoys being waist deep (or higher) in all of the details of a shoot as a Producer for The Delivery Men.

Likes – Cats, Lifting Heavy Things, Avocado Toast (Right!), Talking to you about what TV shows you’re watching, Breakfast Tacos > Bagels (Sorry NYC!), A Good Excel Spreadsheet

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