Andy Roddick Foundation “Opportunity”

October 23, 2013
We are really excited to have worked with the Andy Roddick Foundation once again this year to help them create a compelling film for their annual charity gala.

ARF is a great organization and we strongly believe in the work they are doing — so it’s an honor for us to be here again.

The Delivery Men were responsible for this year’s promo from concept to execution. Using the key word “Opportunity” as a springboard, Hussain and I developed a concept that encompassed what ARF was all about. Their motto “Talent is universal but opportunity is not”, seems to capture their mission perfectly. So to play off of this we created something that would contrast the differences of opportunity and how ARF can give underprivileged kids the chance to develop their talents and dreams.

We are thrilled with this years film and want to thank ARF for working with us again. As always it’s a pleasure to work with Andy — he’s a natural talent on and off the court! We look forward to next year! Enjoy the film.   – Joe

“This is by far the best video about opportunity for youth that I have seen in the last 2 decades. It is personal, not overwhelming. It is inspiring, and not condescending. It shows kids in active setting, and adults focused on them. It tells a story.”
– Richard Tagle (ARF CEO)

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This turned out awesome! Great job guys.


Very cool. I love focus on “opportunity”. It really lets the audience see the importance of ARF.


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